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Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.

Starfire was an affectionate person. Not just in hugs and smiles she gave in frequent supply to her friends, but her kindness to strangers and children was more than Raven could ever summon. So to feel the Tameranean’s head on her shoulder is far from unusual.

When the weight grows heavier and she cautions a glance to Star, her closed eyes and slight sleepy smile make the television seem all the louder in the silence. The documentary on how the lint in laundry is formed drones on, but at least there are some earthen concepts that are boring enough to sleep to.

It’s no trouble to pick up the remote with her powers and summon it to her, but the blanket draped on the other end of the couch somehow finds its way around Starfire’s shoulders. Naturally, she has no idea how that happened, of course.

And she’s definitely minding the presence of her best friend in a rare moment of quiet happiness. Such a bother.

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